36 Days of Type

36 Days of Type

36 Days | 2016 | Header

#36daysoftype is a global typography initiative challenging designers and illustrators worldwide to create one letter each day for 36 consecutive days. Part of the challenge is to share these completed works daily to social media.
Below are favorites collected from my 2016 and 2017 series.

Featured above: W, waterfall. H, horizon. P, pines.

36 Days | 2016

2016 Challenge –
Theme of Nature & Science
2-3 Limited Color Designs

Full Color Single Samples '16

W, Waterfall
V, Vascular
P, Pines
O, Osmosis
6, Moon's Gravity
M, Mountains
B, Aurora Borealis
H, Horizon

2017 Challenge –
Theme of Beasts (Natural and Supernatural)
2 Color Designs / Limited Series Palette

Full Color Single Samples '17

T, Tarantula
P, Pegasus
C, Cerberus
2, Doppelgänger
B, Hitchcock's Birds
Z, Zombie
N, Nessie
K, Kraken